Fraternitas Sancti Joseph Custodis

Fraternidad de San José Custodio | Fraternity of St Joseph the Guardian | Fraternité de St Joseph Gardien

House of Formation



We wish to bear witness to Christ in the Eucharist, to His doctrine through education, and to His example by our lives.


We are currently located in the south of France, at the "Domaine de la Castille." La Castille is a large vineyard property that is home to the diocesan seminary, as well as to the majority of conferences, retreats, and other pastoral activities of the diocese of Fréjus-Toulon. Our work here primarily consists in accommodating the visitors and guests of La Castille, providing spiritual support to the staff and personnel, and maintaining the chapels.

In the two diocesan parishes entrusted to the Fraternity, we assist with catechesis, parish activities, masses, and other religious functions. Every year we dedicate time to popular missions in Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Brazil, and France, along with priests and lay people. If you are interested in experiencing the life of our community or would like to participate in one of our upcoming missions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

"Those who are chosen by God for the consecrated life make this spiritual longing their own in a definitive way. In it, in fact, they have but one expectation: the Kingdom of God:  that God might  reign in our will, in our hearts, in the world. In them burns a unique thirst for love which can be quenched by the Eternal One alone. By their example they proclaim to a world which is often bewildered but, in fact, increasingly in search of meaning, that God is the Lord of life and that his 'steadfast love is better than life' (Ps 63). By choosing obedience, poverty and chastity for the Kingdom of Heaven, they demonstrate that any attachment or love for people and things is incapable of definitively satisfying the heart; that earthly existence is a longer or shorter period of waiting for the "face-to-face" encounter with the divine Bridegroom, an expectation to be lived with an ever vigilant heart, to be ready to recognize and welcome him when he comes.”

Pope Benedict XVI, Address to Consecrated Men and Women



Sœurs Fraternité Saint Joseph le Gardien

Domaine de La Castille
Route de la Farlède à La Crau

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