Can Two Persons Have The Same Phone Number

Can Two Persons Have The Same Phone Number. Why can we not have 2 mobiles on the same number in the uk when you can in europe? (50,861 points) jun 21, 2020 6:01 am in response to res81 in response to res81.

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This holds true whether its two phones, two tablets, or a phone and a tablet. Does anyone know of a network that can do this? See the data implications below.

Why Can We Not Have 2 Mobiles On The Same Number In The Uk When You Can In Europe?

The traditional way to separate the two would be to carry two phones, however, this can be a hassle because you have to carry around double the weight, make sure both phones are charged, and you have one extra phone to lose or damage. The short answer is no. cell phone carriers will not activate the same number on two different phones for security and privacy reasons; Currently, we're working with a limited support team.

Multiple Accounts On The Same Phone Number.

App cloning on your smartphone. Yes, it is possible to have two phones with the same account. I am willing to pay extra for this.

All Enabled Phones Will Ring At The Same Time, But The Call Will Only Connect To The First Person That Picks Up The Phone.

I just do not want 2 different phone numbers! See the data implications below. Mobile network ee has announced a new smart number scheme that lets you use the same phone number across multiple devices.

(50,861 Points) Jun 21, 2020 6:01 Am In Response To Res81 In Response To Res81.

On a less serious note, if your phone is flashed to another cellular company.(verizon to boost, or metro, or cricket, etc) it's possible that it was not done right. Yes, we will show you how you can simultaneously use the same whatsapp number on two (or more) smartphones and the procedure does not need whatsapp web. You can also have two phones with the same sim card passed back and forth to share the number between them.

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On Another Level, It Is Possible To Have Two Cell Phones Programmed To The Same Number.

They can give you 2 sims, with the same number, one of them is registered as your primary sim, which calls go to, unless switched off, then they go to the other handset. This is because you need to couple a sim number with you mobile number. How to create multiple gmail accounts without phone number verification step 1:


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