Chip Bag Folding Hack Tiktok

Chip Bag Folding Hack Tiktok. How am i just finding out. Here’s a way to seal it off with your bag of chips with a few folds that takes just 15 seconds.

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Seriously, you’re going to want to sit down for this one. To test, turn bag upside down. Roll the bottom of the fold up and tuck the top into the pocket you’ve made.

She Ties The Two Ends And Is Left With A Perfectly Sealed Freezer Bag That.

So after pigging out on chips i decided to make a video of how i close the bag…. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Folding chip bag | 2.7m people have watched this.

In The Short Video, Tuley First.

The tight seal locks it. Roll the bottom of the fold up and tuck the top into the pocket you’ve made. Watch short videos about #foldingchipbag on tiktok.

In The Name Of Fun, Not Every Video Shared On Tiktok Was Useful.

#splice #chipbagfoldchallenge #chipbag #lifehackvideo #lifehack #fyp #foryou. #splice #chipbagfoldchallenge #chipbag #lifehackvideo #lifehack #fyp #foryou. A mother on tiktok has shared a simple, smart hack to make a bag of potato chips reusable—and all you need is a packet of baby wipes.

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According To Tiktok Users, The Hack Leaves You With A Literal Lid To Seal Up Your Potato Chips.

Seal a bag of chips without a clip. Fold the corners down, roll it towards you, tuck those little flaps over that you've made, give. Tiktok user @thelifebath recently asked people to share the one life hack they stumbled upon that is now standard.

In The Video, A Person Is Seen Sealing A Bag Of Chips Flawlessly By Folding Both Corners Down And Rolling Them Inwards.

Now, tiktok has given us yet another “food hack” in the form of a genius way to seal chip bags. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been using everything from chip clips to clothespins to keep your doritos from getting stale. Fold the corners to the center to make a triangular shape.


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